Q How much does Removals Manager cost?
A We have several pricing options and we are certain we will have one that suits your budget.
Q What we consider a user to be at Removals Manager?
A user is anyone that can log into your Removals Manager platform and add/change information or send documents to your customers etc.
Q How does the passive user thing work?
A Passive users can log into your Removals Manager platform and see everything there but cannot add/change information or send out documents. Passive user accounts are great for your guys out on jobs to be kept in the loop with what they need to be doing and when etc.
Q Is there a minimum term of contract with us?
A No. If you decide Removals Manager isn’t for you, you can terminate your contract at any time. There isn’t even a notice period.
Q What hardware can I access RM on?
A Anything at all that has a web browser, be it your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.
Q Is it true that on RM you can create any type of invoice?
A Yes. We ship our systems with a useful range of documents already installed, including an array of invoices. But if all else fails, there is the Ad hoc invoice option where you can itemise literally anything you want and create an invoice for that.
Q What if there is functionality I need that isn’t already in Removals Manager?
A If that’s the case, then just ask! It’s the feedback and suggestions we get from our valued clients that enables us to continually improve our product. And we never charge our clients for development work!

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