Removals Manager also provides a complete system for managing all your storage customers, ranging from self-storage to containerised storage clients. The ability to track, view financials and send invoices dispenses with the need for complex spreadsheets and multiple software applications.

Our storage system provides an overall picture of what is actually in storage at a given time, how many containers you are holding for each customer and the revenue coming in from the different services and customers.

You can see an overview of each customer’s account and apply handling or late charges, ad hoc payments, credit notes and regular payments. Invoices can be sent ‘en masse’, automatically calculating arrears where applicable.

Removals Manager also provides an option for you to set up trade storage customers. For example, other removal companies may decide to outsource their storage requirements to your company rather than manage this business themselves. This ‘white label’ service enables them to provide a service to multiple customers under their own brand, while you can set payment terms as required. Your company is still able to view and track their individual customers, but ultimately provides one overall bill per trade customer.

In short, our software allows you to manage your storage business in a highly organised way, providing a single overview of all customers and allowing you to view, access and amend information and send documents anywhere, any time.