Powerful Features To Make Your Removals Business Work Smarter And Faster

Removals Management

With Removals Manager, your office is always with you

Everyone within your company, whether they are in the office, on the road or with a customer, can access your Removals Manager platform, greatly improving communication and efficiency throughout your organisation.

When you’re out and about, you can perform surveys on a tablet using WiFi, 3G or 4G connections so that the details of the survey are instantly available to your entire team. Within just a few clicks, you can send documents to customers while out in the field – even from your mobile phone.

The platform also functions as a virtual office, providing capabilities such as an inventory and cubic volume for each job and financial management services. As well as gaining an overview of the total removal costs, you can also define your own additional services to meet your own requirements. You can also send multiple documents to any customer, including appointment confirmations, quotes, removals confirmations, invoices and receipts.

Removals Manager also offers your customers the facility to accept and sign off a quote online via a link in your quotation email.

The system provides you with a call-back system to follow-up clients you have surveyed and allows all the users in your company to record notes so that everyone is ‘in the know’ about each customer. This makes it far less likely that your company will lose business, because you have a much better overview of all customer interactions.

What’s more, as well as the enquiries that come via your own web we are now able to feed customer leads from Really Moving directly into your platform. To take advantage of this service, all you need to be is a customer of both Removals Manager and ReallyMoving.com.

In terms of managing removals jobs, you can schedule dates for surveys, box drop-offs, packing and removals. Every time a date is entered into the system, it automatically populates your Removals Manager diary.

The diary is also interactive, meaning that you can email details to any staff that have been allocated to a particular job directly from the diary. These details then effectively serve as a job sheet, and include notes to the staff, details of equipment needed, any packaging required, times to attend, addresses and cubic volume.

Also included in the system is an invoice history that keeps a record of all the invoices raised by your company. This provides a clear and easy-to-use overview of payments received and monies outstanding.

In summary, Removals Manager provides a comprehensive removals management platform for your company. It is a professional and time-efficient solution that manages all the work involved in running a removals business.

Storage Management

Removals Manager also provides a complete system for managing all your storage customers, ranging from self-storage to containerised storage clients. The ability to track, view financials and send invoices dispenses with the need for complex spreadsheets and multiple software applications.

Our storage system provides an overall picture of what is actually in storage at a given time, how many containers you are holding for each customer and the revenue coming in from the different services and customers. You can see an overview of each customer’s account and apply handling or late charges, ad hoc payments, credit notes and regular payments. Invoices can be sent ‘en masse’, automatically calculating arrears where applicable.

Removals Manager also provides an option for you to set up trade storage customers. For example, other removal companies may decide to outsource their storage requirements to your company rather than manage this business themselves. This ‘white label’ service enables them to provide a service to multiple customers under their own brand, while you can set payment terms as required. Your company is still able to view and track their individual customers, but ultimately provides one overall bill per trade customer.

Diary Management

Removals Manager features a powerful diary section that will give you an easy to view overview of your business schedule. The diary features all major events including removals, box drops and collections, survey dates, packing and unpacking dates, delivery dates, ‘in transit’ dates, staff holiday, storage events (goods going in, goods coming out etc) and ad hoc appointments.

The diary can be coloured to make various types of events easy to see and is available as either a calendar view or a list view. If your business has more than one branch you can either view a single branch or choose to view all branches simultaneously. All diary entries click through directly to the details on that job.

Also within the diary section are the vehicle resources and staff rota sections, giving you a complete overview of what resources you are using, where you are using them and when.


Removals Manager features a powerful reports system, enabling you to generate reports between your own specified dates.

Profit and Loss reports enable you to see a comprehensive overview of how much revenue each job generates, breaking down each job in as much detail as you choose. Everything from mileage costs, staff accommodation (where overnight stays have been necessary), staff meals, break downs, etc etc can be fed into these reports, making it easy for you to see if you are quoting realistically for you jobs.

If you like, you can go into as much detail with P&L reports as you like, and edit those reports as you see fit.


Removals Manager ships with an array of useful document templates that can be customised to suit your company needs, and we can also create bespoke document templates.

Quotations, invoices, storage and crate hire documents are all included in the system and all the tools are in place to create your own documents according to your own business requirements.

Documents are automatically populated with the relevant details of each job, making the whole process of sending documents to your customers a simple and painless process. Documents are prepared in HTML and converted to stylish PDFs using the domPDF model – the most popular HTML to PDF conversion process available.


Removals Manager ships with a range of useful invoice templates, all of which can be customised to suit your business needs.

Invoices for removals, deposits, storage charges, crate hire charges and packaging requirements are all included, as is the ultra flexible Ad hoc invoice, with which you can itemise any service, product or charge you like.

A complete archive of your invoices is automatically stored to your system, making it easy for you to keep track of your revenue and monies outstanding.

Flexible System Configuration

Not every business is the same, and at Removals Manager we understand that. So with that in mind our system is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your removals and storage needs.
Within the details of each removal alone there are over 80 fields of information you can either choose to use or ‘turn off’. If you turn a field off, you need never see that within your system again. For example, if you don’t offer an unpacking service, you can simply hide the section associated with that. Should your business needs change, you can switch any dormant fields back on, thereby making your Removals Manager platform genuinely customisable.
In addition, Removals Manager allows you to manage your staff resources, vehicle resources, survey lists, branches, lead generator integrations, storage parameters, and many, many other additional areas of business. You can even re-colour all the key areas of the system (diary, job lists etc) to suit your personal tastes.
To sum up, our policy is ‘not all businesses are the same, so why should everyone’s platform be the same?’

Want to find out more?

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