Removals Manager, a new and competitively priced online platform that is designed to help removal and storage companies manage their time and customers more efficiently, was launched at The Movers and Storers Show last month.

The Removals Manager system provides a broad range of functions, including the ability to carry out surveys on your tablet, laptop or mobile phone when out and about with a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Oliver Sampson, co-founder and sales director of Removals Manager, said: “We at Removals Manager are really excited about this product. Extensive development and testing has brought about a product that a company of any size can use and is affordable to all in the industry.”

When you are at a customer’s property, you can immediately convert furniture and other items into cubic footage using our intuitive surveying system. The platform also allows you to track customers from the initial call right through to job completion as well as compile reports and send a range of emails including quotes, invoices and receipts. If your customer also requires storage, the system provides a separate area where you can list all your storage customers together with the associated insurance and storage costs. You can also maintain an overview of your warehouse usage that is accessible anywhere, any time.

“We think this product addresses our desire for increased productivity where ever you are today in the industry, embracing technology, saving time and money for our clients and speeding up how quickly they can get information to their customers,” commented Oliver Sampson.