It’s been a while since we last listed some upgrades to our software, so here goes…

SMS system – we have introduced a complete SMS system to support your email communications. Templated messages can be automatically sent every time to send off a document or email (you can decide for which ones of course). In addition you can send free text SMS, standalone templated SMS or even multiple SMS to everyone in a certain job status at once. Records of them all are easily viewed on the customer’s job summary page.

Job sign-off and satisfaction questionnaire – upon completion of each job your customer can complete a (completely configurable) satisfaction questionnaire that is automatically saved to their documents menu.

Archiving jobs – to keep your platform running as smoothly as possible you can now archive a job completely. They are retrievable of course.

Default addresses – you can now save regularly used addresses (for customers you do repeat work for) to save you typing them out every time.

Costings calculator – we’ve introduced a facility for you to price up a job to aid you in the quoting process. The system is completely configurable or course.

Multiple job copies – you can now make as many duplicates of a job as you like at the click of a button.

Recurring diary entries – to speed up your housework you can add multiple diary entries. Whether it be on the same day of every month, or every week, or every x amount of weeks or months.

‘Chaining’ jobs – when you copy a job now it is automatically added to a chain with the original, no matter now many times you copy it. Makes navigating between those jobs much easier.

Surveyor run – we’ve introduced a new facility whereby you can easily see travel times between surveyor appointments, making it less likely you’ll keep your customers waiting.