Online value of goods declaration
If you need a detailed (itemised) list of goods and associated values you have an online form into which your customers can submit such a declaration.

Online storage contract acceptance
If you offer storage you can now ask your customers to accept terms and ‘sign’ a contract online.

Email footer
You can now set up an ’email footer’ template that you can include in all of your templates, making it much quicker for you to update all of your templates when a piece of information in your email footer changes

Storage invoices
A record of all storage invoices sent out is now recorded against individual customers, making it easier for you to keep track of who has received invoices from you, and when

For those of you that need to occaisionally quote in euros or dollars, you now have the ability to pick a currency on a job by job basis

Print jobsheet configuration
What you want to appear on your jobsheets and what you want to hide can now be configured by you.

Deposits on List jobs
So you have an easy overview of which jobs for which you have received deposits, that will now show on your ‘List all jobs’ page.