Below is a quick summary of recent upgrades to the Removals Manager platform.

Detailed survey – there is now a fifth online surveying system available. It features “actions”, so you can specify that an item needs dismantling, reassembling etc. You can also allocate equipment resources to the removal date via the same page. You can add your own actions. Details of “actions” required will be shown on jobsheets.

Weekly storage system – up until now Removals Manager has offered a calendar monthly storage system only but we now also have a four-weekly cycle for those businesses that prefer to operate that way.

Diary notes – add notes to the top of each diary day to improve communication across your company.

Financials – you can exclude a service you are offering from the online acceptance total. This enables you to offer alternative propositions without all suggested services being added together to produce a misleadingly high cost to your customers.

Templates – if you make changes to your templates and are not happy with the results you can restore to a previous version.

Notes – We have added a facility to add general notes about a job that you want to bring to the attention of all of your RM users. These notes would appear under a “notes” tab in the main navigation bar.

Email staff – if you want to send a quick message out to all of your staff there is now a facility to email all the staff you have added to your platform.

Recently edited jobs list – Shows when (and by whom) jobs were last edited.

Quick job volume entry – want to enter just a quick Cuft value against a job rather than do a full itemised survey? There is now a facility to do this.