Below is a quick summary of recent upgrades to the Removals Manager platform. This is by no means everything, just the most interesting!

Quickbooks – Removals Manager is now integrated with HMRC approved accountancy package Quickbooks

Get A Mover  – Removals Manager is now integrated with the Get A Mover lead generator

Pre-populated financials – if there are services you quote for as standard we now have the facility for you to set up those services and add them to your quotes with the click of a button.

Lead generator auto-response and Auto scheduling of callbacks – we now provide the option automatically firing off an email to a potential customer every time a lead lands in your platform – even at 4am! – making sure you always stay one step ahead of your competitors! Furthermore you can configure your platform to automatically generate ‘call-back’ reminders in your diary.

Free text survey items – not everything you find when surveying a property will be on your survey list so we now have a facility for you to add in any unusual items as you go along.

Acceptance ‘extras’ [configurable options] – at the point of ‘online acceptance’ of your quote by a customer you can now specify additional conditions for them to agree to.

Job progress/observations – we have added a facility for you to mark up where you are with a job so you can see at a glance exactly where you are with it.

Storage statement – storage statements can be emailed as a PDF to a customer at the click of a button – useful if they are in arrears and you want to give them a nudge!

Colour appointments – appointments have long been a feature in the RM diary but now you can colour them in multiple ways to see at a glance what sort of appointment it is

Reply to staff member email/storage email instead – you can now choose the option of sending replies to email you send out directly to the staff member instead of a global company email address